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Projects & Energy

We provide specialized M & A, asset and project financing and strategic and regulatory advice in all energy sectors covered by the National Energy Strategy such as conventional energy, nuclear, public lighting, water and waste management, energy efficiency and electro-mobility projects , CHP rehabilitation projects, gas and oil up and downstream projects, electricity and gas transactions on hubs and stock exchanges, state aid issues, transposition of European legislation and court practice in relation to interconnections, CO2 certificates and all other regulatory matters. We foster a close relationship with national and European regulators and provide support in the drafting of relevant sector legislation. In addition, we provide advice on major infrastructure projects such as road and rail constructions.


Our Relevant Experience

  • Advising throughout the privatization procedure and later on, advising from within management position in the E.ON Group on mainstream business, conventional energy and co-generation projects, public lighting and electro-mobility and energy efficiency projects.
  • Advising the biggest energy producer in Romania, from within management positions on various regulatory, public procurement, insolvency related issues but also in respect to , IPO preparation, bi-lateral negotiations between the Romanian State and the Serbian Government in respect of the hydropower plant Portile de Fier. Successfully advising Hidroelectrica in regulatory related trials against ANRE (the Energy Regulator) in relation to implementation of Romanian and EU Regulations that govern the common market and the unrestricted trade
  •  Advising a major German liquid gas company (Linde AG) about a gas concession agreement with Romanian authorities.  Work included the negotiation of concession contracts with Romanian officials. Later,  advising Linde in respect of  all corporate issues, including the establishment of a liquid gas factory in Romania with a Romanian joint venture partner.
  • Advising Wintershall AG, a subsidiary of BASF, on gas related upstream and downstream activities, underground storage and gas pipeline construction projects.
  • Advising Serbian Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure on Comprehensive Railway Reform ( legislation analysis, Proposing more structured and clearly defined rules for PSO contracts, developing the Contract Management Procedure and Plans in compliance with the EU regulations etc). The matter is of extreme importance for the Government of Serbia, which has received EU funding to put together a Railways Reform Implementation Action Plan to be implemented in the following years.
  •  Advising Gazprom Group companies in relation to various regulatory and contractual issues such as Network Code, gas stock exchange rules, gas interconnection issues.
  • Assisted Gazprom Schweiz, Gazprom Germania and other Gazprom subsidiaries in relation to the exit and sale of the majority shareholding held in a Romanian gas distribution and supply company.
  • Assisted Stratum, in various regulatory and contractual issues in relation to its upstream and downstream activities related to the concession for exploration/exploitation of gas in Romania as well as in relation to the possibility to trade the produced gas.
  • Advising AIK , a Romanian gas and electricity supplier in respect to various contractual and regulatory issues, with regard to the functioning of the energy exchange, Network Code, interconnection issues.



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Ministry of Construction, Transport & Infrastructure and state owned railway companies in Serbia (PP)
Projects & Energy

Our legal advisors were involved in comprehensive Railway Reform, a project that included analysis of European and Serbian railways legislation, drafting new legislation in line with EU Directives and in-depth analysis of OECD and World Bank best practices on restructuring processes at Regulatory and Ministry level. Stratulat Albulescu lawyers offered consultancy over reorganization strategies and revision of the management guidelines. The extended advice also included proposing rules for PSO contracts, developing the Contract Management Procedure and Plans in accordance with EU regulations and monitoring and evaluating of the Railway Sector performance.

E.ON Romania (NRG)
Projects & Energy

A project of strategic importance for Romania, its scope was to develop and implement in Romania, based on EU legislation and practice, new energy services and products customized for local authorities and SMEs, which could be integrated into sales companies as value added products. Legal support implied, amongst others, public procurement compliance, Romanian and EU data protection & confidentiality rules etc.

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