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Public Procurement

We are reliable in keeping clients in line with local legal stipulations and resulting in the best outcome from a public procurement exercise. We are actively involved in every aspect of the process, including the preparation, negotiation and implementation of procurement contracts in various industries. We work across sectors, such as infrastructure, IT&C, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and power supply, offering unparalleled advice and assistance to suit our clients’ needs.

Romania remains one of the fastest growing economies in the EU. Along with the growth in the private sector comes the need for improved and increased infrastructure. And, along with these changes come changes in the law that governs infrastructure improvements. We have a long history of involvements in such projects. Our experience includes preparing, negotiating, and implementing procurement contracts and delivering assistance post-contract implementation. We work across sectors. And when it comes to public-private partnerships, you will find us to be experts in creating and delivering agreements that benefit all parties involved.

We act for contracting partners (public and private companies), sponsors, lenders, project originators and multilateral agencies and development banks in the financing, refinancing, acquisition, and divestiture of significant projects. We provide counsel about tender documentation, funding options and strategies, preparing bids and information memorandums, conducting contract negotiations, and additional forms of assistance throughout the project.

Moreover, we assist and represent our clients in various public procurement litigations, conceiving strategies depending also on the approach up fronted by the Romanian judicial administrative body (the National Council for Solving Disputes – CNSC) by the national case-law in this field and the EU relevant practice.


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Waste Management system (PP)
Public Procurement

Advised a large Romanian construction company throughout the implementation of a public procurement project for the development of a waste management center concluded under the Red FIDIC standard with a total value of EUR 73,000,000. The assistance referred to claims regarding extensions of time and additional costs, advice and representation throughout the dispute resolution, consultancy in respect to conditions for enforcing performance bonds and related court claims for suspension of the enforcement.

Water Supply Network (PP)
Public Procurement

Assisting a well-known Spanish company active in over 10 countries worldwide, with the development of a public work project for the repair and extension of the water supply network in a mid-sized Romanian city.

Tedagua (PP)
Public Procurement

Assisting TEDAGUA, a reputable company representing one of the international leaders in design, construction, operation, maintenance and engineering of desalination plant systems for the production of drinking water from brackish water and plants for recycling water from sewerage feed water. Our provided assistance was in relation to the development of several projects for construction work related to water distribution and sewerage networks in several Romanian cities.

National Road (PP)
Public Procurement

Assisting one of the largest Spanish groups in infrastructure and engineering with the development of a public project for the rehabilitation of a sector of an important national road and the client's participation in a public procedure for a public contract on the design and construction of several sectors of a motorway in Romania.

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