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Employment advice

We support our clients in reviewing their existing employment documents, carrying out any disciplinary or performance related investigations and balancing regulatory and employment obligations. 

We advise on the amendment and compliance of all employment documentation such as employment contracts for executives and non-executives and the revision of employee handbooks and policies related to workplace matters, including whistleblowing, employee investigations, anti-corruption, discrimination, bullying, harassment and non-retaliation.

We also provide legal advice in relation to professional assessments, disciplinary investigations and employee assessments to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and drafting and reviewing documentation on disability/non-performance issues including the management of such cases.

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Our Relevant Experience
  • Advised Flame Romania SRL, the local subsidiary of JacTravel, a global B2B distributor of hand-picked hotels from around the world, in reviewing their employee handbook, drafting job specifications, conducting disciplinary proceedings, managing poor performance, granting meal tickets and so on.
  • Advised the Romanian Business Consult SRL, a local Romanian company in the IT solutions market for the retail and food industry, with the implementation of employee key performance indicators (KPIs). We have also reviewed and updated the precedent employment agreement for company personnel, including the addition of restrictive covenants.
  • Advised PJ Interactive Romania, a subsidiary of the Brand Path Group, a leading global IT and e-Commerce service provider, in drafting a standard form document to be annexed to individual employment agreements advising of new fiscal changes approved by the Romanian Government regarding tax and social contributions.
  • Advised the local subsidiary of a global e-Commerce company on various employment issues, including the recruitment of one of its key employees, negotiating employment agreements and various issues regarding stock option plans in Romania.
  • Advised a large Romanian pharmaceutical company with disciplinary investigations and procedures in relation to its employees.
  • Advised Gras Savoye Romania, the local subsidiary of a leading French insurance broker on the revision and amendment of their existing precedent individual employment agreement.
  • Advised a local subsidiary of an international pharmaceuticals company on the restructuring of their activities in Romania, involving the closure of their economic activities and the termination of existing employment agreements and all related procedures.
  • Advised a French furniture design and manufacturing company with the closure of its local subsidiary, including legal advice on various scenarios for the closure and the resolution of the collective redundancies of its employees. 
  • Advised the Romanian subsidiary of a US company in the global healthcare industry on restructuring the position of a senior member in the sales team.
  • Advised a global market research company on the outsourcing of certain operations to a large US tech company, involving hundreds of employees in Romania. We provided legal advice on the employment issues arising from the transfer of a business in Romania and assisted with a step-by-step plan for the closure of certain operations advising on the legal requirements for collective redundancies and the risks to be considered in the event of a business transfer to another jurisdiction. We also provided advice on various scenarios regarding the termination of contracts of employment and applicable measures designed to retain employees during the closure of operations.
  • Advised a leading pharmaceutical group in Romania, with over 5,000 employees, on the new fiscal changes approved by the Romanian Government regarding employee tax and social contributions from 1 January 2018, including providing solutions that protect both the net income of employees and the company in relation to the substantial amendment or abrogation of the same by Parliament.
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