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NPL Portfolio Transactions

We have provided third-party investors and former owners of defunct businesses alike with opportunities to make profitable investments by reviving projects that would otherwise have become just another lost opportunity. We have the knowledge, creativity and energy to take on NPL projects and take them to a successful conclusion.

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Our Relevant Experience
  • Advising, structuring, negotiating and implementing one of the largest acquisitions of corporate mortgage loans on the Romanian NPL market, worth hundreds of millions of EUR, followed by several third-party sales and settlements with former owners.
  • Advising a local bank on the transfer of a non-performing corporate loan portfolio to a Dubai based subsidiary.
  • Advising a Greek bank on the transfer of a non-performing corporate loan portfolio to an offshore subsidiary.
  • Advising the largest investment bank in the world with regard to the planned acquisition of a residential mortgage loan portfolio originating from the Romanian subsidiary of a Greek bank.
  • Assisting an important investor from Luxembourg regarding the assignment of a large receivable, owned by a Romanian branch of a major Italian bank, against a legal entity under insolvency proceedings.
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