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Employment litigation

Our employment litigation team has experience and expertise in protecting clients' rights regarding collective and individual claims and bargaining disputes. We develop individual dispute resolution strategies, striving to find the most appropriate solutions for each client through either litigation or alternative methods of dispute resolution.

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Our Relevant Experience
  • Advised and represented a well known wine producer and distributor in disputes concerning dismissal decisions, the rights to salary payments and the reinstatement and payment of various salary related bonuses.
  • Advised and represented the local leader in the fitness industry with litigation concerning dismissal decisions and various rights regarding payment of salary.
  • Advised and represented the leading global provider of dialysis medical services and the largest provider of medical services in various litigation concerning disciplinary decisions.
  • Advised and represented a well-known international cargo transport services company, operating in more than 4 countries, with litigation initiated by the workers' union on pay per day allowances and various salary rights.
  • Advised and represented the Romanian subsidiary of a well-known German retail, wholesale and carry group with a restructuring operation and providing legal advice in connection with various employment issues, including employment litigation and dispute resolution.
  • Advised and represented a local subsidiary of an international pharmaceutical company with a number of employment cases initiated by one of their top managers claiming various salary rights.
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