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We have significant experience in dealing with the specific legal issues that arise in advertising.  

From assisting with promotional campaigns to handling complex intellectual property issues and representing our clients before the Romanian self-regulatory body, the Romanian Advertising Council, our highly qualified and experienced team provide legal advice and assistance on various advertising-related matters and represent important companies in the market, including advertising and PR agencies, entities selling indoor, outdoor, radio, TV and online ads, as well as owners of outdoor advertising spaces and printing businesses.

We are also the only Romanian member of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA), headquartered in New York, and which includes the most prominent law firms in the global advertising field.

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Our Relevant Experience
  • Assisting one of the most important international companies on the automotive market with the competition aspects of the company’s business conduct, promotional mechanisms and so on.
  • Reviewing the terms and conditions for the Romanian campaign of a multinational financial services corporation to ensure their compliance with Romanian law regarding the organisation of promotions, the fiscal arrangements, the fiscal procedural aspects, data protection, the advertising regulations and civil law.
  • Providing legal advice to Mullen Lowe Romania in connection with various commercial matters, including reviewing and negotiating commercial agreements, data protection, protection of copyrights and trademark related issues.
  • Assisting Luxury Adviser Group, in various trademark related issues and providing advice, assistance and representation in front of the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM) in opposition proceedings.
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