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Andrei Albulescu


As a name partner, at Stratulat Albulescu, Andrei Albulescu has been with the firm from near inception to manage and expand it into a vibrant organization. His talents and expertise as a seasoned lawyer paired with those of a hands-on approachable leader and manager of day to day affairs provide not only an extra measure of value to the firm but also practical insights that apply to issues that clients ask him help address .

As a practicing business lawyer over 15 years, Andrei is a truly respected leader. His well-developed interpersonal skills and proven ability to build positive relationships with clients, his team members, partners and employees, compliment his excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, which constitute only some of Andrei's wide range of expertise.

In the field of employment law, Andrei routinely advises on some of the most important employment law cases in Romania. He has substantial experience in negotiating, concluding and enforcing collective labor agreements, has drafted internal rules and policies and has implemented legal procedures to terminate labor agreements. He's directed re-organization operations and collective dismissals. In short, he has encountered and worked to resolve almost every type of employment problem that one might expect to encounter in Romania and the EU.

Andrei also has valuable and long-standing experience with public procurement agreements. He has advised clients on corporate governance practices and joint venture agreements and has represented clients during the preparation, negotiation, and implementation of procurement contracts. Some of his most important projects have involved infrastructure and public utility projects.

Andrei has experience in corporate and commercial issues, advising clients on complex mergers and acquisitions, privatization projects and has guided the restructuring and reorganization of corporate and commercial relationships. He's advised businesses during all phases of a business, such as helping manage a variety of contractual relationships from vendors to customers to sub-contractors to licensees, franchisees and others.

Andrei is a member of the European Employment Lawyers Association - EELA.


Romanian - English - French


2004 - Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)

Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest

Latest deals

Waste Management system (PP)
Public Procurement

Advised a large Romanian construction company throughout the implementation of a public procurement project for the development of a waste management center concluded under the Red FIDIC standard with a total value of EUR 73,000,000.

The assistance referred to claims regarding extensions of time and additional costs, advice and representation throughout the dispute resolution, consultancy in respect to conditions for enforcing performance bonds and related court claims for suspension of the enforcement.

Water Supply Network (PP)
Public Procurement

Assisting a well-known Spanish company active in over 10 countries worldwide, with the development of a public work project for the repair and extension of the water supply network in a mid-sized Romanian city.

Public Procurement

Assisting TEDAGUA, a reputable company representing one of the international leaders in design, construction, operation, maintenance and engineering of desalination plant systems for the production of drinking water from brackish water and plants for recycling water from sewerage feed water. Our provided assistance was in relation to the development of several projects for construction work related to water distribution and sewerage networks in several Romanian cities.

National Road (PP)
Public Procurement

Assisting one of the largest Spanish groups in infrastructure and engineering with the development of a public project for the rehabilitation of a sector of an important national road and the client's participation in a public procedure for a public contract on the design and construction of several sectors of a motorway in Romania.

Railroad Modernization (PP)
Public Procurement

Assisting a major Spanish group which specializes in civil engineering projects, with the completion of a public project for the modernization of a railway road station located in a major city in Romania.

Construction and Installation tender (PP)
Public Procurement

Advising a Spanish based concession and construction group in connection to the challenges of a tender procedure for construction and installation work, in the western part of Romania.

Public Procurement

Assisted a Major Spanish Construction Group (IDECON SAU) with the development and construction of a bypass road procurement project organized by CNADNR (National Company for Administration of National Roads) for a large Romanian city.

Our experts provided advice in relation to dealings with public authorities throughout the development of the project, contractual relationship and  various litigation proceedings in connection with the execution of the public procurement contract.


Electrans (PP)
Public Procurement

Assisted a world-renowned level crossing producer from Europe (ELECTRANS – Electrosistemas Bach S.A.) in respect to the participation in various public procurement procedures organized by the Romanian National Railway Company. Our team has focused on rehabilitation of various railway sectors. and provided advice on documents for submissions and permits required in Romania.

Tehnic Assist (PP)
Public Procurement

Assisted a Major Romanian Construction Group (Technical Assist SRL) in connection with the company's participation in certain public procurement procedures for the award of contracts having as object road rehabilitation procurement procedures during various stages within such procedures and, in particular, in the filing process complaints with the relevant judicial-administrative bodies (CNSC and Courts of Appeal).

World Class (PP)
Public Procurement

Assisting World Class Romania in a tender procedure organized by the Lakes, Parks and Leisure Administration in Bucharest for the rental of a country club located in one of the high end residential areas in Bucharest.

Vinarte (EMP)

We assisted Vinarte SA, a top Romanian wine producer, on the sale of its business and assets while managing the transfer of employees and providing ongoing consultancy during insolvency proceedings. Our work involved our experts in Corporate / M & A and Insolvency and Restructuring.


La Fantana (EMP)

Revising and amending the comprehensive manuals of a water cooler system for a Romanian market leader in office water supply. The mandate included  revision according to the latest legislative changes related to non-discrimination and labor safety provisions and conceiving full scale of possible disciplinary deeds and related sanctions. 

Willis Towers Watson Romania (EMP)

We provide day-to-day legal assistance on a wide range of employment issues related to the business activities to Willis Towers Watson in Romania and we have assisted the client in implementing the new fiscal changes approved by the Romanian Government, based on which taxes and social contributions are imposed on the employee starting with January 1st, 2018. 

World Class Romania (EMP)

We are providing ongoing assistance to World Class Romania SA, the local leader in the wellness industry with over 300 employees and service providers, on various employment issues. In addition to advising day-to-day staff management issues, we also advised on matters such as company restructuring, transfer of employees as a result of mergers and business transfers and on the implementation of the new fiscal changes approved by the Romanian Government


Flame Romania (EMP)

Legal advisors for Flame Romania SRL, the local subsidiary of the JacTravel, the global B2B distributor of hand-picked hotels from around the world, on a multitude of employment-related issues from employees' rights to the transfer of approximately 80 employees to the world's largest student and youth travel company for which our client was providing employment services. 


EDS Romania (EMP)

We assisted EDS Romania, a part of the Euro-Druckservice Group, a leading service provider in the print service sector in Central and Eastern Europe, on employment issues arising from the acquisition of "warm-set printing business" from Mega Press Holdings SA and Aramis Publishing SRL.

The project required close cooperation with the Corporate / M & A and Competition teams, and our assistance included the due diligence in relation to employment matters, the rights of the employees taken over as a result of the transfer of the undertaking, and the completion of the process. 

PJ Interactive Romania (EMP)

We assisted PJ Interactive Romania SRL, one of the subsidiaries of Brand Path Group, a leading global IT & E-commerce service provider on the transfer of employees from PJ Interactive Romania SRL to Localised SRL, another company within the Group, as a result of a group restructuring. Our legal advisers assisted the client regarding employment issues and the implementation of the new fiscal changes approved by the Romanian Government


Boost (EMP)

We assisted Boost in the establishment of their business in Romania. Our assistance includes the incorporation of the Romanian subsidiary Boost Developers SRL, providing general legal advice on various employment issues and (including Confidentiality, Intellectual Property, Non - Job matters). The project required the expertise of our Employment, Corporate and M & A teams.

AEW Europe (EMP)

We assisted AEW Europe on the renegotiation of employment terms for their key employees in Romania including the conditions for termination and drafting of relevant addenda to the employment contracts. 

Vinarte (CC) (M&A)
Corporate & Commercial, Mergers & Acquisitions

We assisted Vinarte SA, a top Romanian wine producer, on the sale of its business and assets while managing the transfer of employees and providing ongoing consultancy during insolvency proceedings. Our work involved our experts in Corporate / M & A and Insolvency and Restructuring.


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