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Anti-competitive contractual provisions and market behaviour

Since 2010, expert advice on the implications of EU horizontal and vertical rules and regulations has become essential to clients.

We handle a wide range of antitrust cases, using our extensive expertise in assessing concepts such as market definition, market dynamics, entry conditions, pricing, sole market conduct, sensitive information exchange, exclusive and selective distribution, resale price maintenance and resale restrictions (including online sales).

We provide specialised legal advice to our clients through the analysis of anti-competitive practices, including self-assessments, drafting and reviewing agreements in accordance with applicable antitrust regulations and providing legal support during market/sector investigations, including dawn-raids and hearing procedures before the RCC.


Key contacts
Our Relevant Experience
  • Advised a security company, part of one of the largest Romanian groups of companies, during the RCC investigation of the Security Services market.
  • Advised one of the most important international companies on the automotive market in relation to the competition aspects of the company’s business conduct, promotional procedures etc.
  • Advised one of the companies on the pre-paid operations market in relation to the implementation of commitments engaged in with the RCC.
  • Advised a broad range of clients from various sectors (e.g., food retail, the bottled water industry, the pharmaceutical sector, flight catering service providers, construction material manufacturers) on various competition law matters related to their day-to-day business, including structuring distribution systems and horizontal cooperation arrangements etc.
  • Advised during several dawn-raids carried out by the RCC on leading clients active in business sectors such as IT, air services and milk and dairy, and providing further legal advice during the antitrust investigations initiated by the RCC.
  • Advised a large FMCG multinational company on various competition/antitrust matters arising in relation to the company’s market share exceeding 30% on several product markets, as well as advising on agreements with distributors.
  • Advised a prominent Romanian bank on competition law matters in relation to MasterCard and Visa agreements.
  • Advised one of the most important companies on the direct mailing and security products market during an RCC investigation.
  • Advised the largest Romanian company in the para-pharmaceutical market in a detailed review from a competition perspective of template commercial agreements used in its day-to-day activity.
  • Advised an important telecoms operator in relation to a competition law assessment on the possible abuse of dominant position by a competitor regarding must-carry TV programmes.
  • Advised one of the most important companies on the insurance market during both the dawn-raid and the preliminary stages of an on-going RCC investigation.
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