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We strongly believe that prevention is the best tool in competition compliance and we actively encourage our clients to take all necessary steps in this regard. We also continuously assist our clients to ensure they are always in compliance regardless of whether this is prior to, or after, the identification of anti-competitive practices.

In order to identify, mitigate and minimise competition risks, our lawyers develop compliance programmes specifically tailored to each clients’ business structures and strategies. The combined experience and resources of our team's economics, business strategy, industry and regulatory backgrounds uniquely qualifies them to provide outstanding support and assistance to our clients in relation to competition compliance matters.

Our work includes developing extensive risk-management strategies and individualised compliance programmes, drafting and implementing tailored internal regulations, as well as organising specific training sessions. All our work is focused on practical ways to minimise competition related risks.  

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Our Relevant Experience
  • Provided customised competition law training sessions to clients in various industries such as construction materials, pharmaceuticals, food products, glass manufacturing and container transportation to name just a few.
  • Developed tailored training sessions for one of the biggest French glass producers on various competition aspects related to dominant position/sole market conduct.
  • Advised the Romanian subsidiary of one of the largest international pharmaceutical corporations regarding the implementation of competition compliance regulations, including developing customised training sessions and a review of relevant written materials.
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