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Elena Stan

Senior Associate

Elena Stan is a Senior Associate at Stratulat Albulescu in the IP Practice area of ​​the firm. As an Intellectual Property Counselor (IP Specialist) with distinct certifications in the field of Trademark and Geographical Indications, Elena is a highly organized, ambitious and highly-oriented young lawyer.

Elena has been fascinated by the dynamic field of IP for many years, initially inspired by her inventor father and his numerous patent registrations. Her deep admiration of the creative process in all its forms the respect and wonder at her clients ability to “make something from nothing” simply by envisioning it and her desire to secure the protection of ideas and products of such processes, is what drove her to specialise in the IP field. Her legal expertise, commitment to excellence and thorough attention to detail, have  confirmed her place as one of the most outstanding, up and coming lawyers in IP Law in Bucharest.

Her legal expertise includes a range of undertakings regarding registration, as well as management and maintenance of registrations of national and international trademarks, designs, models and patents. Elena regularly conducts searches for prior rights, prepares suitable specifications, file applications and deals with oppositions on behalf of her clients, as well as  advising clients on legal matters such as those concerning domain names.

Elena’s experience as a lawyer also include enforcement of intellectual property rights, social media related matters, advising on prosecution of copyright and related rights, including infringement and anti-piracy related advice as well as drafting and negotiating various types of agreements, including license, franchises, assignments. As well as working with high profile individuals and companies established within the industry, Elena enjoys working with startups and new up and coming businesses.

Elena has been a member of the Bucharest Bar since 2011.


Romanian - Spanish - French - English



2012 – Masters degree in Banking, Insurance Law, Business Law, Stock market, Taxation procedures and techniques 

Nicolae Titulescu University, Bucharest

2011 – Masters degree in Private Law 

Law faculty, University of Bucharest

2010 – Bachelor degree (LLB)

Law faculty University of Bucharest



  • Assisting an important Romanian company operating in the beverage industry on matters regarding conflicts between trademarks and Internet Domains;
  • Assisting an international confectionery producer on matters regarding trademark and design counterfeiting;
  • Assisting an important Romanian PR agency in matters regarding trademark, copyright and data protection issues;
  • Assisting an important Romanian company operating in the food industry regarding various commercial and IP-related issues, including managing its trademark portfolio and the registration of a European Geographical Indication;
  • Assisting a Romanian artistic representation company in various trademark and copyright issues, including drafting agreements for Romanian artists;
  • Assisting a Romanian IT start-up in matters regarding software patenting, copyright and trademark registration.

Latest deals

First Property / MAESTRO (IP)
Intellectual Property & Life Sciences

We assisted First Property Group PLC, an award winning property fund manager and investor with operations in the UK, Poland and Romania, in conjunction with a club of investors, on the acquisition of MAESTRO BUSINESS CENTER Office Building located in Cluj-Romania.

Edward Neuk Company (IP)
Intellectual Property & Life Sciences

We offer extensive legal advice to Edward Neuk Company SRL in various issues on technology law, data protection and intellectual property issues related to the Kuende social platform, including advice on patent protection issues.

Our patent-related legal advice is based on the Open-Source Technology "React Native", created by React Native technology, patent infringement by Facebook Inc. and terms of use of React Native technology in accordance with the licensing terms of this patent.


World Class Romania (IP)
Intellectual Property & Life Sciences

Our company has successfully represented World Class Romania SA in front of the Bucharest Court of Appeal in connection with the cancellation of the registration of the national trademark "WORLD CLASS".

Our extensive legal advice included the use of copyrighted music within the World Class clubs, as well as the costs and procedures involved with such use with the competent collective copyright body - UCMR - ADA.

La Fantana S.R.L (IP)
Intellectual Property & Life Sciences

We offer our client extensive legal advice on the civil and criminal risks associated with breaches of trademark, design and patent law. Our team also provides consultancy on earlier international and European patents, European trademarks and European designs. Our advice on this matter involves obtaining consent, reviewing commercial agreements and identifying legal solutions in order to avoid breach of protected patents.

Paxdorf Design (IP)

We are representing our client in the negotiation proceedings for the conclusion of a co-existence agreement with Juweler Wagner GmbH, regarding our client's trademark "WAGNER Beautiful Arts and Stories" no. M 2017 07295. Juweler Wagner GmbH is the owner of several European trademarks registered for similar products.

Luxury Advisor Group (IP)
Intellectual Property & Life Sciences

We are assisting our client in various trademark related matters, namely, advice, assistance and representation before the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM) in the opposition proceedings, as well as a provisional refusal procedure concerning the national combined trade mark application.

Global Records (IP)
Intellectual Property & Life Sciences

Our company has provided assistance and support to the record company / publisher GLOBAL RECORDS regarding the trademark and copyright matters including negotiation proceedings.


UPC Romania (IP)
Intellectual Property & Life Sciences

Our company has provided assistance and support to UPC Romania's multichannel video programming distributor on issues related to complex copyright and neighboring rights in the implementation of new media technologies and related services, such as Video on Demand, Network Video Recording (nPVR).

Euroins Romania (IP)
Intellectual Property & Life Sciences

We have represented EUROINS ROMANIA ASIGURARE-REASIGURARE SA before the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM) in the opposition proceedings against the registration of the verbal Romanian trademark "REZOLVA-TI DAUNA EUROINS BEZ DURERI DE CAP!" No. M 2017 01063.

We have also have assisted and represented our client before the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM) in the renewal and registration proceedings for other national combined trademarks.


Agentia de Vise (IP)
Intellectual Property & Life Sciences

We have been assisting Agentia de Vise SRL (one of the best-known artists in Romania) in various IP matters, including copyright protection, drafting and negotiating complex agreements for various Romanian artists in the Romanian music, cinema and theater industry.

Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations (IP)
Intellectual Property & Life Sciences

We are assisting Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations (one of the most prominent PR companies in Romania) in various IP and commercial issues, including copyright violations, specific advice in the advertising field and all media sectors, trademark registrations and trademark assignments.

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