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Every business must address the issues of legal relationships, and we help clients in their efforts to maximize the potential of their business. This is one of the hallmarks of our approach to representing businesses in Romania, but it is not the only driver of our success. As a firm, we emphasize the team approach and the versatility of crossing lines of expertise to meet the full range of clients' needs. 

When we engage with a client in matters involving employment, we consider the business sector so that we are aware of industry standards, competitive pressures and other legal and regulatory constraints that will affect employment decisions. By drawing on the full resources of the attorneys in our firm, we go beyond the extensive experience we have in dealing with employment issues alone to provide a more holistic approach in meeting the needs of our clients. In addition to the experienced employment law specialists that we highlight below, we also draw on the broader circle of expertise within our firm to meet all our clients' needs.

The employer-employee relationship is probably the most challenging. Employer-employee relations are meticulously governed by statutes and regulations. We help our clients avoid pitfalls and resolve the inevitable conflicts that arise within these relationships.

We have handled both contentious and non-contentious employment and social security matters within the day-to-day business as well as employment issues arising from a transfer of business, corporate restructuring and reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, as well as outsourcing and insourcing operations and with issues of workforce planning and mitigation of any potential risks associated with such operations.

The services we provide to our clients include regulatory compliance issues, such as drafting standard employment contracts, internal employment policies, regulating the status of foreign workers, and structuring of remuneration packages and contracts.

We have also dealt with complex issues arising from collective dismissal procedures, collective bargaining agreements and other contentious issues, including labor disputes. We have experience with guiding clients through all relevant aspects of a litigation process, both in individual and collective actions, mediations and other alternative dispute resolution procedures, which in some cases included cross-border issues.



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