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Fintech companies

The presence of technology-enabled services on the Romanian market has increased dramatically, driving the constant growth of online sales and changing the way transactions have traditionally been concluded.  We are pleased to see this trend continuing, enhanced by the existence of Romania's highly specialised IT&C resources.

We are currently seeing the development of blockchain-based financial platforms and we are actively involved in establishing the first venture capital fund for developing and investing in technology start-ups. We regularly advise payment institutions and issuers of e-money and have assisted with various tentative and successful projects in this new field.


Key contacts
Our Relevant Experience
  • Advising a major Swiss investor on the acquisition of the first e-money institution established in Romania and with various other regulatory banking matters in front of the National Bank of Romania.
  • Assisting in relation to the tentative set-up of an e-money issuer and distributor of cross-border financial services, with an emphasis on parental control over school student expenses.
  • Advising one of the largest international banks regarding the local regulatory regime under the payment services directive.
  • Advising on a programme for the issue of employee cards for a US-based IT giant.
  • Advising one of the largest global credit card issuers regarding the local regulatory regime under the payment services directive.
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