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Companies seeking funding

We assist local and global companies with their funding needs both for specific projects and for the needs of their everyday business in Romania.

We are truly a one-stop-shop for real estate developers, providing innovative state-of-the-art and comprehensive solutions, covering all the key aspects of funding a real estate project. Our experience and knowledge means we know exactly which issues to focus on during negotiations with financers. We deal with any projects involving performing or non-performing financing arrangements.


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Our Relevant Experience
  • Advising the local subsidiary of a major international IT service provider in relation to credit facilities of £75,000,000 provided by a UK based group of lenders.
  • Advising World Class Romania, the largest operator of fitness clubs in Romania, in relation to credit facilities of EUR 4 million for the acquisition of another company operating in the same market.
  • Advising on the multi-jurisdictional restructuring of debt of more than EUR 200 million of a Greek company.
  • Advising, structuring, negotiating and implementing one of the largest acquisitions of corporate mortgage loan portfolios in the Romanian NPL market, worth hundreds of millions of EUR, followed by several third-party sales and settlements with former owners.
  • Assisting an important investor from Luxemburg regarding the assignment of a large receivable owned by a Romanian branch of a major Italian bank against a legal entity under insolvency proceedings.
  • Performing due diligence for one of the largest Romanian telecommunication service providers to identifying any and all potential risks in connection with the finance documents regarding the financing and developing by a private contractor of an underground telecommunications system for a Romanian municipality.
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