First pageArticlesMeet us at business days in cluj between 10th and 11th july 2019!

Meet us at Business Days in Cluj between 10th and 11th July 2019!

This year's Business Days Conference is held in Cluj between 10th and 11th July 2019 and brings together over 100 speakers and 700+ attendees.

Being a large and influencial conference, Business Days is able to create different contexts for successful business models to inspire the younger generation and offer various services and promotional opportunities to help companies both by brand consolidation and by generating business opportunities and development.

Our colleague Costin Teodorovici, Partner and Head of Banking and Finance Practice is attending Business Days and catching up with colleagues from all sectors and are enjoying making new connections.

Business Days 2019 is a great networking experience for professional development and creating business opportunities and it is also fun! We thank the organizers for putting together the event and we look forward to contributing again next year.

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