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New Partner: Corneliu Popa, Co-Head of Real Estate

Stratulat Albulescu is delighted to announce the appointment of Corneliu Popa as a partner and Co-Head of Real Estate.

Corneliu Popa has over 20 years experience in the Romanian and German legal markets. He joins us to strengthen our real estate department and will co-head it alongside our Managing Partner, Silviu Stratulat.

Prior to joining us, Cornelius worked as a Senior Lawyer at Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen, in the Corporate, Banking & Finance and Real Estate Departments.  He acted as a Team coordinator of many real estate projects, performing due diligence exercises including reviewing and fine tuning due diligence reports. He assisted clients throughout both negotiations and post-acquisition/post sale periods.  The clients included GTC, Neocity, AFI, Charlemagne Capital, Fabian Capital (later Dinu Patriciu Real Estate Services) and the Cascade Group.

During his time as team coordinator within NSL (Noerr), he handled the acquisition and sale of properties especially designed for big retail boxes for clients such as Kaufland, Lidl and BauMax and in doing so extended and strengthened his real estate experience. He was involved in due diligence exercises, drafting relevant reports, drafting the related sale and purchase agreements and all of the associated documentation.  He also provided post-acquisition assistance, including in relation to the necessary licencing for retail operations.

For the past two years, Corneliu has been team coordinator of the Real Estate and M&A practices at KPMG Legal / TMO SPRL, where he assisted several multinational companies with their entry into, and strengthening and/or positional restructuring in, the relevant markets, such as Italian home appliance producers, French and Italian automotive and spare parts manufacturers, UK DIY retailers, German and Austrian food and non-food retail chains, US based oil & gas companies, German and Austrian construction companies and construction material manufacturers and Israeli retail and residential developers.

His practice covers a wide range of transactions, including real estate (portfolio sale and acquisition of companies or assets, development, financing, leasing and operating of large offices and commercial/retail and residential real estate projects), construction and public infrastructure projects, FMCG and mortgage-backed securitisations, automotive, aviation, press distribution and printing houses.

Corneliu is also specialised in the Romanian agribusiness environment, previously supporting German, Austrian and French investors during their bid to enter and/or strengthen their positions in the relevant market, by acquiring and developing further local on going agricultural projects.

He has regularly advised private equity funds, hedge funds, banks and other financial institutions, large international construction companies and European manufacturers in the aviation and automotive industries, leading mass media firms, as well as international retailers and logistics owners.

Corneliu is fluent in Romanian, English and German and has a good grasp of Italian too.

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