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We provide assistance to real estate investment and management funds, developers, banks and other financial institutions, as well as to real estate consultants and professionals in all aspects of their property-related activities. We are widely recognized as the leading consultant on leasing and build-to-suit lease agreements, our team being involved, among others, in the largest ever single tenant office lease in Romania.

Real estate is a core area of ​​our practice. Contemporary Romania maintains a strong drive for further development. Several key areas remain underdeveloped, and we believe that the real estate sector is the key to spurring further growth in the Romanian economy. We also believe real estate projects involving agriculture and forestry will see a sharp increase in the near future based on the abundance of these resources and long-term historical trends.

We provide advice to developers, contractors, engineers, architects, real estate investment funds, banks and other financial institutions.

We also serve local and foreign public bodies on legal issues involved in real estate, including real estate transfers; mergers, acquisitions, and investments; and construction issues. We provide day-to-day assistance for residential, commercial, and industrial-logistical real estate uses, real estate finance, planning and urban planning. In matters involving urban planning, the company offers legal advice on zoning regulations, municipal restrictions, licensing procedures and authorizations for urban operations.

With our support, our clients have developed acclaimed office buildings, residential projects, retail spaces, and health and leisure developments.




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