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Project & Real Estate finance

The banking and finance team have been involved in numerous high-profile projects assisting both borrowers and lenders with the development of large residential projects, landmark office buildings and new industrial facilities, including the provision of on-going operating funds. We have significant experience, gained during the boom years of the Romanian real estate market.  We were also by our clients’ side when the global finance and real estate markets took a hit.

We are excited to see the return of steady and healthy growth in the market and we are looking forward to many new and exciting opportunities ahead.

Our Relevant Experience

  • Assisting in relation to the grant of finance of up to EUR 70,000,000 to a leading company in the field of gambling and online betting — the first important financing granted to a company in this field.
  • Assisting in relation to the grant of finance of EUR 20 million for the development of an aluminium plant in Western Romania.
  • Assisting in relation to the grant of finance of EUR 24 million for the development of state-of-the-art cold storage facilities.

Acquisition Finance

We have a clear and in-depth understanding of the successful life cycle of a business and know that, from a certain point onwards, the founder's exit may be just what a company needs to secure its growth and achieve a greater degree of sophistication.

We are skilled at guiding our clients, including international banks and investors, through the complex legal process required for the successful completion of a funded acquisition. The M&A market is predicted to grow rapidly and exits from several highly successful local and regional businesses are expected. At the opposite end of the market, the number of start-ups in Romania is also growing rapidly, and several business accelerators have many of these new start-ups in their sights for investment followed by high-profit margin exits.

Our Relevant Experience

  • We have advised in relation to a EUR 75M acquisition by an international institution of 50% of the shares in a local developer of commercial centres and shopping malls.

Finance Restructuring

Having represented lenders and borrowers alike, we have been involved in the restructuring of more than a few credit arrangements of companies facing financial distress, helping many to avoid imminent default. When assisting in financial restructuring projects, we seek to find common ground between lenders and borrowers to remove the possibility of default and the resulting insolvency and, instead, find a mutually satisfactory resolution that avoids the pain that insolvency brings with it.

Our Relevant Experience

  • The restructuring of credit facilities of more than EUR 80 million for one of the largest residential developments in Bucharest.
  • The multi-jurisdictional restructuring of debt of more than EUR 200 million of a Greek company.

Non-performing Loans

Our experience and involvement in the financial sector supports the premise that there is often still life after death.

We have provided third-party investors and former owners of defunct businesses with real opportunities to make profitable investments by reviving projects that would otherwise have become just another lost opportunity. We have the knowledge, creativity and energy to take on NPL projects and take them to a successful conclusion.

Our Relevant Experience

  • We have been involved in advising, structuring, negotiating and implementing one of the largest acquisitions of corporate mortgage loan portfolios in the Romanian NPL market, worth hundreds of millions of EUR, followed by several third-party sales and settlements with former owners.
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