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The firm has a strong financial services practice area, engaging highly experienced lawyers to assure the level of service that sophisticated clients in this field are accustomed to.

We provide highly specialized advice on complex projects to lenders and borrowers, to insurers and fintech companies alike, and we help financial institutions navigate the intricate regulatory framework that governs the financial services sector.

Our lawyers have experienced first hand the rapid growth of the Romanian loan market driven by the fast-growing real estate sector, assisted clients through a few difficult years and are now glad to get new, exciting deals, past the finish line in a reinvigorated market.

We are experienced in dealing with local or multi-jurisdictional projects, at both ends of the table – our lawyers have assisted lenders and borrowers in financing of landmark residential, commercial and industrial developments and dealt with the complex issues of acquisition finance hand in hand with our strong M&A team. When, for some players in the market, projects took an unfortunate turn, our lawyers have been there assisting the in the sale of large NPL portfolios and assisted clients in giving new live to failed projects.

We have a deep understanding of the financial services works and we use it to untangle complex regulatory matters to ensure our clients' full compliance with the applicable rules.



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