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Energy Infrastructure

The energy sector is a vital contributor to Romania’s steady economic growth and aims to become increasingly efficient, technologically advanced and environmentally friendly. Its growth and development reflects worldwide trends to alleviate climate change, introduce digitalisation and adopt new technologies throughout the production and distribution chain. 

The Romanian energy sector also reflects trends in the international energy field, such as market globalisation, the development of a single European energy market and adoption of new rules and regulations governing European energy security and regional energy diplomacy. 

In the electricity production and distribution sector, efforts are underway to strengthen the interaction between electricity networks, the internet and communication networks in order to increase energy efficiency and flexibility.  Moreover, electro-mobility will become an increasingly attractive area of investment.

Energy efficiency means that the government will create legal incentives to give households access to alternative energy sources. Any new support schemes for non-renewable energy will have to be justified on the grounds of security and safety for the energy system. Certain market sectors will continue to benefit from temporary state support in the form of co-generation bonuses and green certificates.

In the gas sector, the main aim is the development and liberalisation of the natural gas market, increased liquidity and diversification of products and the creation of transparency comparable with that of western European countries.  Other important aims are the diversification of sources and import routes, via investment, to ensure the extension of reverse flow connection capacities and access to regional liquefied natural gas terminals, this being the final stage in the integration of the European energy markets. There is also a continuing effort to increase market competition by participating in regional trade, balancing and capacity markets.

We have advised major utility companies, key players in the mining, electricity, gas and oil sectors, as well as the energy regulator ANRE and the Parliamentary Energy Commission in connection with drafting secondary and primary energy legislation.  We have provided advice in the electricity sector about privatisation of electricity distribution companies, structuring conventional energy projects, CHP rehabilitation projects and nuclear energy. We have also advised about public lighting joint ventures. 

As legal advisers to the biggest Romanian electricity producer, we have advised in relation to renovation of hydropower plants, IPOs, the efficiency of the hydro-power production units, spin-offs and international electricity trading. 

We assisted on a project by one of the biggest utility companies in the world to use scrap renewables that enabled us to gain significant and in-depth knowledge of the sector. We have also advised on various energy efficiency and electro-mobility projects that are currently the focus of the Romanian government.

In both the gas and oil sectors, we have advised major oil and gas companies about gas exploitation, exploration and development projects. We have also worked on issues involving petrol station agreements, construction and renovation of underground storage facilities, privatisation projects, the legal status of connection pipelines and the applicable legal regime, security of supply and interpretation of EU legislation regarding gas trading.


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