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Public utilities

The continued growth of Romanian towns and cities requires the installation and/or upgrade of utilities such as water, sewage systems and storm water management to meet the needs of residents and businesses alike.

We have represented international construction companies in complex public utility projects in several major and mid-sized Romanian cities, including in relation to repairs and extensions of public water supply systems and constructing and upgrading wastewater treatment plants and sewage systems. We have worked alongside our clients from the earliest stages of such projects assisting with the process of obtaining the project contract and assisting when the project has encountered difficulties that required dispute resolution.

We use our expertise and experience to help our clients reach the best possible outcome whatever the phase of the project.   

We have also advised municipalities in connection with granting access via concessions or PPP to private entities for the operation of public services such as waste, water and sewage.


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Our Relevant Experience
  • Assisting Tedagua, a renowned company representing one of the international leaders in the design, construction, operation, maintenance and engineering of desalination plants, in connection with the development of several construction projects related to water distribution and sewage networks in several major and midsized Romanian cities.
  • Assisting a well-known Spanish company active in over 10 countries worldwide in relation to the development of a public works project for the repair and extension of the water supply network in a mid-sized Romanian city.
  • Assisting a major Spanish group specialising in civil engineering projects in connection with the completion of a public works project for the modernisation of a railroad station in a major Romanian city.
  • Advising a Spanish based concession and construction group in connection with challenging the tender process for the execution of construction and installation works in Western Romania.
  • Advising a large Romanian construction company throughout the implementation of a public procurement project for the development of a waste management centre under the Red FIDIC standard and with a total value of EUR 73,000,000.
  • Advising E-ON, in connection with all electricity distribution and supply related issues associated with electro-mobility and energy efficiency projects.
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