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The Romanian insurance market has had one of the most accelerated growth rates in the financial sector during the past 15 years, reaching a total value of gross premiums of more than EUR 2 billion in 2017, with more than 60% of the value being intermediate by insurance brokers. 

Considering this insurance market background, or experienced lawyers have assisted several insurance companies and insurance intermediaries, across an extensive spectrum of legal services related to the insurance sector, including regulatory, authorization and permitting matters, representation in front of the public supervisory authority, as well as several other insurance related matters.

Our strong knowledge of the insurance market provided through the extensive experience of our lawyers ensures a swift access to knowledge and coordinated cooperation not only at a local level, but also across several other practice areas and jurisdictions.

We are proud to be working with top insurers and brokers, who are established as some of the most important players in the region. 

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