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In the field of life sciences and pharmaceuticals, the focus is on delivering positive results for health and well being and targeting the optimal management of illnesses, while at the same time navigating through a wave of new challenges facing life sciences and pharmaceutical companies. In this climate, the need for a team of lawyers who, in addition to an inherent understanding of legal provisions and the current status quo, have the knowledge, experience and capabilities to proactively help clients face the everyday challenges of the industry, is essential.

We are proud of our Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical practice which is at the forefront of developments and is committed to delivering excellence in all its dealings.

Our Relevant Experience
  • We have advised many international innovative pharmaceutical companies on strategic issues from a pricing and reimbursement perspective in the context of the multiple changes of the pricing legislation.
  • We have advised various international innovative pharmaceutical companies in respect of regulatory issues related to clinical trials, including drafting and revising different types of agreements and the supporting documentation necessary to the performance of the clinical trials.
  • We have advised several international pharmaceutical companies in relation to the transparency obligations and disclosure procedure as regulated by local Romanian legislation and by the pharmaceutical industry disclosure codes, including revising all documentation to be submitted to the relevant authorities.
  • We have advised and assisted large international pharmaceutical companies in relation to various internal investigations, including forensic activities, revision of information, interviewing employees, drafting investigation reports, assisting with internal standard operation procedures and providing training for employees.
  • We have advised and assisted an international company regarding the restructuring of a local hospital.
  • We have advised various international medical device manufacturers and distributors in relation to the commercial activity performed in Romania, and the necessary authorisations to be obtained from the relevant authorities.
  • We have advised and assisted local and international healthcare professionals with their relationship with public and/or private local hospitals or private clinics.
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