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Advances in technology have created a new wave of products designed to improve patient care and comfort. Using connectivity and automation, these products alleviate some of the pressure on healthcare providers and help put patients in control.

Smart technology comes in a variety of forms - increasing comfort and efficiency and decreasing associated risks. Hospitals and clinics around the world are now using smart beds that self-adjust to the correct pressure and support for each individual patient’s condition and preferences. Others use robots to monitor a patient without the need for the physical presence of a healthcare professional. These type of smart devices and applications will continue to grow and spread throughout the healthcare field.

The medical sector is also taking advantage of technologies originally developed in other industries and adapting them to improve and broaden healthcare provision.

The role, and value, of medical technology is increasing in leaps and bounds as healthcare becomes ever more digital.

In addition, the pharmaceutical industry has made a great deal of progress over the last decade due to a research-orientated approach that has resulted in the improvement of technologies, developed infrastructures and increased research in the field of bio-science. It is with thanks to biotechnology, that various formulations have been developed to help cure or stop the growth of several major illnesses, including HIV and certain types of cancer.

With data taking centre stage both this year and going forward, artificial intelligence and block-chain technology is expected to expand significantly in the digital healthcare market. These innovations will, in all likelihood, include supporting clinical decision-making and identifying patient health risk factors in advance.

2019 is forecast to be the year when artificial intelligence really impacts the healthcare industry and some experts believe that the expansion of its use could well bring about a true healthcare revolution.

With the embracing of these new technologies by an increasingly digital healthcare market, traditional organisations will have to step-up their development and partner with technology providers.

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