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Healthcare is an industry that affects everyone but it is, unfortunately, one that has a reputation for negative patient experiences.  As a result, the patient experience is now becoming a focus of many healthcare companies and clinics and this is aided by new approaches and technology that have the power to transform healthcare.

Romania’s healthcare system has many shortcomings regarding patient rights, access to information, treatment waiting times, treatment outcomes, the range and reach of services provided and the prevention of ill health.

The local healthcare sector is affected by, and coping with, low spending, a shortage of staff and an all too high mortality rate. Out-of-pocket payments are the second largest source of revenue for the Romanian healthcare sector.

Cardiovascular disease and cancer are the cause of most deaths in Romania. The standardised death rate for acute myocardial infarction (AMI) is much higher than the EU average and, in 2014, was the highest in the EU. Cerebro-vascular disease in Romania has the second highest rate in the EU and contributes significantly to the overall mortality rate.  At the same time, over 40% of disease and illness in Romania can be attributed to behavioural factors, including smoking, alcohol, diet and low physical activity.  

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Our Relevant Experience
  • Acting as co-counsel for The Rohatyn Group on the investment in Amethyst Radiotherapy Limited, resulting in the former gaining co-control of the Company alongside the two co-founders.
  • Advising and assisting an international company regarding the restructuring of a local hospital facility.
  • Advising and assisting local and international healthcare professionals in relation to public and/or private local hospitals and clinics.
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