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New areas of development in the electricity sector

A regional hub for production of spare parts for electric cars and RES technologies

Planners envisage that Romania will produce batteries, heat pumps, materials for energy-efficient buildings and technologies for managing intelligent networks and energy consumption on the basis that Romania will become the main regional user of these technologies.

The development of intelligent distribution and transportation networks

Intelligent networks allow real time control and two-way communication between producers and consumers in order to optimise energy production and consumption. The interaction between electricity networks, the internet and communication networks will grow and lead to gains in both efficiency and flexibility.  The new technologies need to ensure the protection of personal data and increase security against cyber attacks.

Promoting electric and hybrid vehicles

The plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle market in Romania is at the initial stage, but it is rapidly developing. For instance, between 2016 and 2017, BMW doubled its sales of the fully electric plug in BMW i3.

The Romanian government is supporting the development of a charging infrastructure for the electro-mobility and energy efficiency markets. Romania is well positioned to produce electric vehicles, charging units, batteries and any related components. For example there is a commitment, until 2020, to install 222 charging stations with up to 50kW (fast charging stations) and 30 charging stations with up to 350 kW (ultra-fast charging stations) on the main European and Trans-European transport corridors.

This commitment is part of the Connecting Europe Facility grant for electric vehicles, and aims to increase interaction with Western Europe and complete the connected network, in addition to the ULTRA E and FAST E (connecting the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria)

NEXT E partners are E.On, MOL, PETROL (Slovenia and Croatia), Hrvatska Elektroprivreda Croatia, NISSAN, and BMW. 


Our Relevant Experience
  • ANRE (National Energy Regulator)
    Advising on concessions in the electricity sector, including drafting secondary legislation in the energy (electricity and heat) sector and in particular concessions and licences, assisting in the selection of legal personnel for ANRE and organising seminars for ANRE on legal issues of interest.

    Advising on all electricity distribution and supply related matters, and in relation to wind and other renewable energy projects, co-generation projects (CHP), public lighting and conventional energy projects. Providing support throughout the nuclear energy Cernavoda bid process. Working with EBRD representatives for Romania on issues of major interest such as the regulatory framework and relations with political circles, ministers and government officials regarding tariff policy, payment and non-payment of state debts and analysing the potential for future joint ventures. Advising on issues related to electro-mobility and energy efficiency projects.

  • ACUE (Association of Companies in the Energy Utility Sector)
    Assisting throughout the set-up and operation of the “common action” group designed to identify common objectives and strategies for companies in the oil and gas sector.

  • Hidroelectrica
    Assisting with the renovation work of hydropower facilities, IPO preparations, negotiations between the Romanian State and the Serbian Government to clarify the schedule of works to be carried out by both parties on the hydropower plant Portile de Fier.  Advising our client in dealings with ANRE that sought the immediate interruption of energy export operations. The decision of the ANRE was held by the court to be contrary to Romanian and EU regulations that govern the common market and unrestricted trade. As a result, our client was allowed to establish trading entities in Hungary and Serbia.
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