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Housing - Residential

The demand for new housing continues to grow on the one hand, as the authorities continue to incentivise the market through the “First House” programme and, on the other, as the purchasing power of Romanians continues its upward trend.

In this rapidly developing environment, the challenge to deliver quality housing in as short a time as possible is urgent and very real, and requires a careful balancing of various components such as the availability of suitable land, viable planning permission, innovative finance, a construction company, the building contract, buyer, investor or tenant demand and, often, public sector intervention.

The growing needs of modern residential occupiers also brings with it a need to develop adjoining mixed-use facilities, with consequential complexities for the design of the resulting structures.

We have extensive expertise and experience in advising house builders, developers, landowners, registered providers, investors, funders and local authorities on housing and mixed-use development schemes.

Our in-depth knowledge of the industry ensures that we understand all the specific issues a developer might face in a residential project where multiple buildings are in place, such as dealing with underground common parking, interior spaces, roads and green areas or transformer stations and the organising of utility supplies generally.


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