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Cloud Services & Infrastructure

We understand the nature of internet privacy issues that involve cloud servers and, together with our partnerships with IT service providers, we are able to address the needs of our clients for alternative methods of storing information.

We tailor our legal solutions to fit the cloud services model chosen by our client and assist on data protection and compliance with the legal and procedural requirements established by Romanian, European and global cloud solutions (including the development of concepts for the export of data).  We also provide advice regarding the structuring and negotiating of basic contracts for the acquisition of software and any related support and maintenance services.

We have provided assistance to clients such as World Class Romania, Next, Merck and Edward Neuk Company SRL, regarding the risks associated with the use of various cloud services and similar technologies and have recommended risk mitigation measures as well as practical advice, depending on the particular industry.

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Our Relevant Experience
  • Advising clients like World Class Romania, Next, Merck, Edward Neuk Company S.R.L., with regard to risks associated with the usage of various cloud services, as well as similar technologies and providing risk mitigation measures, as well as practical advice, depending on the industry the client activates in.
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